Medallion Capital, Inc. offers creative, flexible and timely senior subordinated or mezzanine debt solutions nationwide, primarily for ownership transitions. Typical investments range from $2 million and greater, serving middle market companies.

The Company is an SBIC and a wholly owned subsidiary of New York-based Medallion Financial Corp. Originally part of Control Data Corporation, the fund was purchased in 1987 by a group of investors, some of whom are still involved with the fund today. The Company, renamed Capital Dimensions, operated as a Specialized Small Business Investment Company, providing mezzanine financing to socially disadvantaged business owners. In 1998 the company was acquired by Medallion Financial Corp. and converted to a regular SBIC, enabling the company to make larger investments and choose from a larger pool of candidates.

Medallion Capital, Inc. prides itself on its relationships with its investment companies. Though the management team can offer assistance in operations planning, financial analysis, and crisis resolution, Medallion prefers a more "hands off" approach, placing an emphasis on having an experienced management team in place before it will consider making an investment.

The Company has a solid reputation as an investment partner, and is often invited to participate as a subordinated debt holder by equity investors, senior lenders, professional advisors and other subordinated debt holders. Medallion Capital is actively seeking new investment opportunities and looking to develop alliances with other investors whose financing strategies complement our own.