Medallion Capital focuses on investing in businesses located in the United States.

Candidates generally have the following characteristics:

  • Established Businesses (Medallion does not provide seed capital or start-up funding.)
  • Operating Cash Flow of at Least $2.0 Million
  • Qualified, Experienced Management Team
  • Sophisticated Equity Investor Participation
  • Strong Growth Potential with a Viable Exit Strategy
  • Must be a Qualified “Small Business,” as Defined by the SBA
      • <$24M net worth and average net income of <$8million for prior 2 years
      •  U.S.-based Small Business
  • Niche in its Industry, with a Defensible Market Position
  • History of Strong Customer Relationships

While most industries are considered, our focus is on business services, manufacturing, distribution, consumer products, healthcare, logistics, energy services, and media.
Industries not considered include: real estate development, project financing, entertainment production, agriculture, oil and gas, and finance companies.